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Alasan Utama Pentingnya Teknologi dalam Proses Pembelajaran

Menurut Artur M Virtue, untuk menjawab sebuah pertanyaan berikut : mengapa teknologi itu dalam proses pembelajaran ? maka paling tidak ada 8 alasan sebagai jawabannya.

  • Using technology involves the student in the learning process. Students using technology become active participants in the learning process instead of passive listeners.
  • Using technology eliminates most discipline problems. When the student is involved in the work, there is little time for trouble.
  • Using technology allows students to take ownership of the project. When the student is empowered to find his/her own answers, the learning process becomes much more interesting.
  • Using technology transforms the teacher from authority expert to facilitator.The teacher becomes more of a participant than authority expert when the students use technology to find answers online.
  • Using technology is familiar to today’s students. Technology use is part of the normal learning process for students; it is in their quot;comfort zonequot; and teachers often learn new technology programs along with students.
  • Using technology reduces the workload on the teacher. Technology as a tool enhances, and replaces, text, paper and pencil because students can use technology for both reference and presentation.
  • Using technology allows for a smooth transition from school to work and school to college . Technology is used everywhere – in math, science, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, and every business application you can think of. From sales transactions and inventory control, to e-commerce, the uses for technology are limitless.
  • Using technology allows for the free exchange of information. The widespread use of compatible word processing and graphic software programs allow information to be exchanged easier than ever before.

Eight More Reasons for Technology in Education


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